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Startup Masterclass: Live Webinar

Turn into a Fundraising Rockstar

Learn everything you need about startup fundraising in less than 2 hours. So save yourself time, money, and potentially painful lessons.

For Startup Founders

Save Yourself Time, Money and Potentially Painful Lessons

This online masterclass is right for you if you are a startup founder and are currently preparing for your funding round. In less than 2 hours, you will learn everything you need to know about successful start-up fundraising in Europe.


“The masterclass really helped me save time. Barbara trains you on the basics you need to know as an entrepreneur in regards to fundraising. I would recommend this masterclass to all aspiring start-up founders and entrepreneurs looking for seed stage funding.”
​Sebastian Schirmer
CEO and Co-Founder, Quiply Technologies
Key Learnings

What You'll Learn


6:00 pm

Part 1: Preparing your funding round

Learn how to systematically prepare for your upcoming round: which investor materials to prepare, how to structure your investor deck and how to build an investor target list for your startup.

6:40 pm

Short session break

6:45 pm

Part 2: Running your funding round

You will learn about the seasonality of fundraising, how best to identify and get in touch with investors and how to close your funding round in the most timely and efficient manner.
7:30 pm

Official End: Q&A & Virtual Networking

Ask questions and share your experiences with other startup founders.


“Barbara’s energetic style and her pragmatic approach to fundraising are great. This master-class was well worth the time and money!”
Svetlana Baurens
CEO and Co-Founder, Galileo IIIC
Your Fundraising Expert

Meet Barbara Fischer

Founding Partner, Arena Ventures AG
Barbara is an entrepreneur and fundraising expert. Since the launch of Arena in 2016, she has actively helped raise 150 Million Euros with and for founders both in Switzerland and across Europe.

Barbara is on a mission to turn start-up founders into fundraising rockstars and make life easier for both founders and investors.

She is also an accredited lead coach at Innosuisse, the Swiss Innovation Agency where she works with very young start-up teams as well as start-ups in growth mode.

Prior to launching Arena, Barbara founded and sold her first company, Trendhaus Pty Ltd, a digital marketing company in Sydney, Australia. She is now focused on helping other entrepreneurs scale their businesses and at the same time create value for investors.


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Ready to Turn into a Fundraising Rockstar?

Tuesday, August 22

7:00 –9:00 pm CEST
CHF 250

CHF 220

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Includes online session and workshop tools in e-format after the event and 30min 1:1 coaching for your business with Barbara within four weeks after the course

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What Our Attendees Have to Say

“I absolutely loved the Masterclass! What I enjoyed most was the opportunity to meet like-minded entrepreneurs who were far ahead of me with their startups. The knowledge I was able to gain through those 1:1 interactions was literally worth the entrance price times a hundred!”
Daniel Yann Mwabila
Student, first time entrepreneur
“Barbara’s Masterclass is exactly what you need as a founder to raise a Seed or Series A round with the best strategy. The content and discussions really help you save time and potentially painful lessons.”
Aike Festini
CEO and Co-founder, LuckaBox Logistics AG
“Barbara’s Masterclass is a must-have for anyone looking to profit from a competent and experienced start-up fundraising expert. In only one session, she cuts to the chase and gives you exactly what you need to know in order to jump-start your venture.”
Dr. Elvis Mujagic
Co-Founder and CEO, Innentech
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